Is The Too faced Chocolate pallet a Must have

by - Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hello beautiful people,  I could sit down and review this palette, but it’s been on the market for so long now there really isn’t much point to go through swatching and talking about all the eye shadows individually. There is endless amounts of review’s out there. I thought instead of a review maybe a little in depth conversation about my thoughts on this pallet.

Now I did come to the game pretty late on this one but everyone raves about it so highly and apparently it is a must have for any makeup collector too makeup junkie out there. As I’m a makeup junkie self confessed of course. I have had some serious FOMO with this palette. Now if you haven’t noticed I’m a die hard urban decay girl ill drop anything and everything for a new naked release any day of the week.

Now to be quite honest with you the very first time I used it I was getting ready for a party and I was doing my makeup and I needed a dark brown so I thought why not give that too faced pallet ago. So I did and I was in full remorse mode. The mattes were not to my liking they were not pigmented enough, blending them was okay but they were coming out really choppy. IT does take a few attempts to build up the mattes for a smokey look. 

So from that moment it sat in my draw for another four months until I picked it up again. With the pending release of the new Too face chocolate bar gold pallet I thought to myself why not give it another shot. So I focused on using the shimmer shades more.
My initial thought’s to myself for the week were there is no way in hell I could travel with just this pallet, I would need to back it up with another one.

The shimmer shadows alone are a lot better then the mattes, they have pigment payoff. I haven't had a issue with blending them. From my experience I think you can blend your eye shadow to oblivion though for the light shimmer shades. I personally haven't noticed much fall out with the lighter shade's, It does happen with the darker shimmers though.

For me being a 32 year old this pallet isn’t exactly the best of the best, I can’t really create a full look out of this one pallet alone and when will I ever use the strawberry bon bon shade?. I did create a lovely halo eye look using gilded Ganache and crème brulee. And for work I have been getting in to the Marzipan and hazelnut shades with a hint of Haute chocolate. They are the only shades i reach for in this palette. 

My overall thoughts so far is it’s not a palette I would go overboard and brag about and recommend to everyone. And it’s certainly not a palette I would stock in my makeup kit for jobs, like the urban decay naked palettes that are cult classic for any bridal makeup. I would totally gift this pallet to a teenage girl getting in to make up for the first time or even gift it to my daughter if and when she turns to makeup. I think this is a fabulous little starter palette for sure and I do recommend it for the younger people out there. And to be honest I will not be getting the semi-sweet palette I think this one is enough.

And just to close out i am officially a sucker for punishments as I have gone ahead and purchased the Too faced chocolate gold palette so stay posted for the that review. Let me know what your thoughts are with the Original chocolate bar palette please comment below

Until next time
Love CC xoxo

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