My Thought's On The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

by - Thursday, July 04, 2019

Welcome back to the blog again a very exciting store has opened up in my very own shopping center. For once I have something different and cool, we officially have The abnormal Company opening up a little Pop up shop in the Canberra Center. I have being eyeing of some Niod products for ages. And I just couldn’t wait to get down there and have a play with all their products. I really wanted to get down and see what all the fuss was all about with The Ordinary foundations. Now there had to be a fuss since there was a waiting list right.

Now we all know that I did not have any success with their last products that I had purchased from the ordinary, but hey this is make up. I could not pass up the chance on buying The Ordinary Serum Foundation for 12.50 that doesn’t even cover the cost of my lunch that I purchased that day.

Let’s get in to it shall we, Today I’ll be talking about the Ordinary Serum Foundation and yes of course I purchased both foundations, you will have to wait till next week to hear my thoughts on the Converge foundation this one will be coming soon.

Let’s chat about the packing, both foundations are in the exact same packing a little durable plastic bottle and its really durable you can feel it. It has all matte finish and the dispenser is a pump! Yes all makeup junkies love a pump foundation. I have found that when I have pumped the excess product does tend to drip down the pump neck. And with makeup and matte rubber like packing we all know it’s hard to keep clean. the bottle is little and light weight it would be great for chucking in your hand bag or even traveling with it as it wouldn’t take up much room.

The next most important thing is application, when I purchased this the sales assistant did advise me that applying this serum foundation with your fingers is recommended. So I didn’t try anything other than my fingers. I did what they said and applied this one with fingers only and I have to say it worked. Applying it with my fingers did take a little longer just to ensure it was all buffed in to the skin and even. It really did work the trick though. I got a nice even coverage and this one did not make the pores look noticeable.

I used this foundation through a standard work week and I have to say I was so disappointed in the staying power of this one. It did ware off but it was more of a fade off effect. But it was more like a now you see me and 3 hours later now you don’t. I barely got three hours wear and that’s using the suggested ordinary primer as well.

Sadly i am really disappointed in the longevity of this product. The aftermath of wearing this foundation has done nothing but brake me out I have struggled with sore big acne after using this range that it has taken me two weeks to calm things down. Which has made things a little hard again I know it has something to do with ether this range / brand as I have not added anything new in my skincare regime and I know that some foundations do cause me to break out after three days of wear but usually with thicker and fuller coverage foundation.

I will keep this foundation for now and I will retire it to only weekend wear when I need a foundation to wear when running to the shops and for when I know that I’m only going be wearing a foundation for no more than three hours.

I would love to know your thoughts on the Ordinary Serum foundation if you have tried it or maybe you have been thinking about getting it, please comment below.

Until Next time
Love CC xoxox

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