The Luxe Edit Tom Ford The Ultimate Bronzer Review

by - Thursday, July 11, 2019

I really went back and forwards thinking to my self if this is a product I should review or not.  It is a splurge and even to me this bronzer really does have a pretty expensive price tag to it. By no means is this item affordable and to be honest none of the products in the Tom ford beauty Range are really affordable. I just want to establish yes I could have used the money for severely makeup products but I have been lusting over this bronzer for so long. Yes I purchased it when Sephora had one of their sales I think it was a 10 percent of store wide sale, So that’s the only way I was going to justify buying this product.

Let’s talk packaging now, seeing this online compared to in my hands now and the price tag on this puppy. I will admit I was slightly disappointed in the packaging. Now when I did see this pictured and the price tag. I was kind off under the impression it was somewhat metal. It’s so not what I thought the packaging was going to be its 100 percent Plastic. Yep all of it plastic, for the price its prey cheap feeling plastic too. I’m always going to be a sucker for the colour combo though even though white makeup packing does scare me but it is easy to wipe down. The outer edges are gold and the clip enclosure does have the tom ford name which is a nice elegant touch. The edge where you think it is the clip enclosure is not a clip, it’s closed by a magnet. So that was a little bit of trickery right there.

Product wise there is no disappointment at all, the product is so buttery and smooth there is no kick back when you place your brush in to the product. The shade I purchased was in Gold dust not too sure how this name came about as the undertone is more of a slight terracotta which gives of this natural glow to your skin. There is absolutely no shimmer to it ether. The product alone is really nice to apply as it gives you this nice wash of sun kissed colour. You can easily builded it up if you want to I did try this but it did make me look a little like an umpa lumpa So in this instance and yes this quote is coming out of my mouth right now “ less is more “It looks as lovely in the pan as it does on. This is one bronzer that wears beautify on me it doesn’t oxides in to an orange colour throughout the day, and it doesn’t go patchy ether. I really love the wear on this bronzer.

Tom Ford Bronzer in Gold Dust swatch as above
Now to be completely honest I wish I brought the smaller version for $105 Australian dollars, I feel this larger size compact is way too much. It is way over the top and due to the larger size compact it’s not something that I would love to have rolling around in my hand bag and not a product I would like to travel with. By all means this was a complete splurge and yes I do have a little regret with this purchase as I’m sure there is a fabulous dupe out there for this product.

So if I had to repurchase I would get the smaller one to be honest or for anyone who is lusting over it as much as I did. I highly suggest the smaller one compared to the Jumbo size version that I purchased.

If anyone is aware of a dupe for this bonzer? Please comment below I would love to try it out.

Until next time Love CC xoxo

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