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Hello gorgeous people, I want to talk about beauty sponges, well my top three pics at least. As technology as grown so have some everyday items. And I can say the makeup sponge has not been spared. When I started wearing make up I was applying my foundation with the make up sponge wedge. The funny thing about that is I never thought in a million years to wet it. Its funny to think that just one simple step can make a whole lot of difference. God I used to use the sponge wedge to death too the point it would break off as I was using it. They were defiantly not like they are now. So from a young person using the old trusty white wedge sponge to what I think is a major enhancement to this crazy shaped item they are today. I thought I would put pen to paper and discuss my likes and dis like's to the top three branded make up sponges that can be found in any makeup junkies draw.

Morphe : 
I haven't purchase a lot from Morphe but I did not want to pass this little hot red guy up. And for only 11 dollars I couldn't help myself. And lets face it we cant help our selves purchasing it if the holy grail's of you tube from the likes of Jaclyn hill and Jeffery star are pushing this product in every video.

The density of this one is interesting its pretty firm when its dried and once wet it really does soften up after you wet it. It dosent retain a lot of water it does dry out quicker then the other ones. There is no issue's with running it under the water, giving it a good squeeze and going straight in to make up application. The one step I love to do with this sponge is both using it with both lose powder or pan to set my makeup but its also great for baking the design of it really does have the baking technique in mind regardless of where. You can really add great definition too your contour.

I love the shape with this one the flat edge and the point top makes application a breeze with the flat edge being perfect for foundation application. The pointy edge making concaeller application a breaze. I have never noticed any lifting of foundation when using this one for make up application. Its also a good sponge to go in after all make up as been applied to really bring all products together.

Cleaning this sponge is hell though, Its not easy. As the density is loose ( soft ) it dosen't make it really durable in my opion. I fell a lot of care has to be taken in to the cleaning. The first time I cleaned mine as I was rough with it, little bits of the sponge were braking off it. And for something you need to clean you need to be ale to give it some rough love. Due to the sponge really softening up once wet it makes the cleaning processes so much harder.

I do like this one the shape and the density but not being able to really clean it is kinda a deal breaker for me. It's a sponge I would have to replace more regularly to keep it in to my makeup rotation.

Real techniques: 
The miricale completions sponge, is another interesting design with the flat edge and pointy top. The density of this one dry is very much the same as the morphe sponge. But it dose contain a bit of it's density to it once wet. I have noticed with this one though that it does contain a bit of water. And for that you do need to ring it out a few times before makeup application. As it does contain the water it doesn't dry out too fast.

As the sponge is desgind with a flat bottom and a pointy top. It make's applying your foundation and concealer a breeze. Again the flat bottom is great for setting foundation with ether losse or pan powder. Unlike the Morphe sponge there is no complete flat edge. if you are are wanting a really sculpted looking contour from the baking technique this sponge can do it but it won't be an exact straight edge. Again with foundation application I have not noticed this one lifting any product that I have laid down as a base.

Cleaning this sponge is a lot better then the Mophe. This one does have the density behind it so you can get a little rough with it, My last RT sponge teared when washing though but I had it in my rotation for around 6 to 7 months so it was due to be replaced. It also tends to lose bits here and there during washing which would be its down fall. Im officially on to my third real techniques sponge to date.

Beauty Blender 
Beauty blender the OG's of all the beauty sponges, this brand has changed the game. The sponge design is like a little tear drop of pink perfection. The beauty blender design is a tear drop shape with the bottom being quite round and the top end being a point. When the beauty blender is not wet it is the least firmest out of the two. When wet it does double in size without holding two much water in it.

The beauty blender is a fabulous tool to have in the collection being fantastic to apply foundation and concelear. I found the BB to be a great tool for blending any powder's that has been applied from loose to compact and its great. The only technique that I found the beauty blender dosen't perform great at is baking, baking under the eyes is on point but for contouring I find it some what difficult to achieve a sculpted look. I have never had a issue with the BB lifting up any foundation that has been applied. And again the pointy end is great for applying and blending out concelear.

I have owned easily 6 Beauty Blenders and have never had one fall apart on me or tear form being to aggressive. The beauty blender is the easiest one to clean out of the other two. I will say that I always use the beauty blender cleaning liquids though. I have noticed using strong detergents on it in the past have striped the colour out of them, Who would want a dull beauty blender.

All three sponges are great sponges and i really can not fault them. All three are really different in their own right. And it does come down to personal preference at the end of the day. Over the past 4 to 5 years I have always rotated between the beauty blender and the real techniques sponges. For me both of them work in my collections and to be really upfront I can be a little lazy with cleaning them at the best of times. So having a clean sponge on hand for me is best.

If you have owned or have used any of the above beauty sponges I would love to hear your thought's on them to so comment below as I love a discussion.

Until next time
CC xox

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