About The Blogger

Let me be totally up front and honest, I have a problem I’m a self-confessed shopaholic but I’m fine with it. I have studied makeup and have my diploma in specialized makeup.
Sadly due to work commitments and being a mother of a thirteen year old girl these commitments make practicing makeup on clients a little difficult at times. But it doesn’t change my love for makeup as it is a deep passion.

As much as I would love to be out and about practicing my craft unfortunately it’s just not the case. This hasn’t stopped my passion for makeup which is growing with every pay check I receive. This is where I thought I could become a beauty blogger, why NOT.
My daughter is growing every day and guess what, she is slowly turning to makeup with her own personal style and preference also. So I feel not only can I have a voice for the 30 thirty somethings as Carrie Bradshaw would say. But also for the mothers of tweens out there that are starting to find their way through the makeup Jungle.

And as makeup is my main passion, I love learning more about skincare and I love fashion, yes I have a passion for fashion too. I did tell you early that I was a self-confessed shopaholic, I wasn’t joking.
I have always loved playing with makeup, doing my makeup and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. It’s what soothes me and helps me relax.


This blog has officially been up for about two years now, I started it as a creative outlet as I just didn’t have the spear time to be a MUA practicing my art, so naturally though if I couldn’t practice it I can surely talk about it. And I defiantly will find time to play with makeup regardless. 

As I wear makeup every day too work and even on weekends. Don’t worry, Sundays and most Saturdays are usually my makeup free days. And applying my makeup is my religious happy place.

What I want to bring to the blogging table is honest reviews of all things makeup and beauty, from different perspectives. From a MAU perspective in the field using these products, to the mum on the run, and too those makeup junkies wanting the latest products. To the young girls just starting out finding their way in the makeup jungle and to their mums that might be a little unsure about this next phase in their life.
Don’t worry I want to add a little sugar coating of fashion in here too, just for good measure.
So come join me in

Love always

CC xoxo